Advisory Board

Laphonza Butler

Laphonza Butler is the President of Service Employees International Union (SEIU) ULTCW – the United Long Term Care Workers’ Union, which represents 180,000 in-home caregivers and nursing home workers across California.  In addition to serving as the President of SEIU ULTCW and is also a Vice President of the SEIU International Executive Board.

As President of SEIU ULTCW, Ms. Butler’s leadership has empowered its members to lead and build a powerful, transformational worker organization that has celebrated historic victories. Such victories include the passage of the Coordinated Care Initiative in July 2012 that will transform California’s home care program to better serve caregivers and recipients for years to come, a collective bargaining agreement resulting in over 130,000 Los Angeles County home care workers receiving an hourly living wage of $9.65, new contracts that have raised standards for thousands of home care and nursing home workers throughout California, and the continued protection of the state’s In-Home Supportive Services program from devastating budget cuts.

Rev. Norman Johnson

Rev. Norman Johnson is Pastor of the First New Christian Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles.  A graduate of Bishop College in Texas, he holds a Bachelor of Arts in Religion and Philosophy, a Master of Divinity Degree and a Doctor of Divinity Degree from the School of Theology at Claremont College.

Rev. Dr. Norman S. Johnson was the Executive Director of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) of Greater Los Angeles. He was affiliated with the organization for 23 years from 1981-2004. During this period, he served in various capacities from Board member to President of the Board. As Executive Director, he oversaw an array of programs exemplifying the SCLC mission “to organize and mobilize the strength of America’s moral consciousness against the weakness of its social order.”  His ministry promotes civic engagement and electoral participation and is part of a progressive, ecumenical network of faith-based leaders who are committed to the empowerment of African Americans and other historically disenfranchised communities.  

Perry C. Parks III

Perry C. Parks III, retired, formerly served as vice president of government affairs in the Southern California market for Comcast Cable Company. Perry is a seasoned executive with a proven track record managing challenging government affairs, regulatory policy and franchise renewal programs. Among his many roles, he initiates and maintains strong business and professional relationships, strategically positions issues and persistently uses interpersonal skills to engage policy-makers, and interacts effectively with people at all levels from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Perry serves as a current board member and past chairman of the board for Community Partners. He also serves on the board of directors at Community Development Technologies Center, Homeboy Industries, and was formerly on the Challengers Boys Club board. He received his Bachelor of Arts in education at California State University, Los Angeles and his MA in public administration at Pepperdine University.



Vincent Harris

Executive Director

Vincent Harris, a long-time public servant, will provide the project with day-to-day leadership.  Harris has served in a variety of administrative, policy and political capacities over the course of his public service career.  As Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas’ Chief Deputy and former Chief of Staff during his tenure in the State Legislature, Harris possesses a broad understanding of the State’s budgetary and legislative processes.  During the 2008 Presidential Primary, Harris served as Deputy State Director of Barack Obama’s California campaign.  Prior to working for Supervisor Ridley-Thomas, Harris was Deputy Chief of Staff for California Governor Gray Davis.  He also served as Senior Policy Advisor and Chief of Staff for the late Congresswoman Juanita Millender-McDonald (37th District) when she served in the U.S. House of Representatives and California State Assembly.  Raised in South Los Angeles, Harris earned his Bachelor of Arts in history from UCLA.

Kenya T. Parham

Assistant Director

Kenya T. Parham, a Los Angeles based Political Strategist & Fundraising Specialist, currently serves as the Project's Assistant Director. Parham has over a decade of experience and service in government affairs, policy advocacy and fundraising expertise, and has dedicated her life's work to increasing the civic engagement and electoral participation of people of color. Parham has raised over 16 million in funds, with an 87% win rate with initiatives and electoral campaigns leading local, state, and national candidates, elected officials, PACS, and non-profits to victory. More than 60 initiatives, like the African American Voter Registration, Education & Participation Project (AAVREP), the unanimously passed Raise the Wage campaign for the city of Los Angeles,  and the year-long dialogue on the future of policing through The Institute for Nonviolence have all tapped her expertise to leverage financial, social and political capital - in addition to numerous elected officials. Further diversifying her background, Parham has taken on special projects such as covert civic engagement training in Ferguson, MO for community organizers, elected officials and future candidates following the 2014 social unrest in that region. From her roots as a student organizer, Parham’s distinctive approach to developing revolutionary platforms along with effective impact strategies and coaching her clients in cultivating purposeful donor relationships sets her apart as a Millennial actively working to advance the interests of historically disenfranchised constituencies from coast to coast.