Our Mission

The African American Civic Engagement Project (AACEP) is dedicated to understanding African American and urban voters' behavior and increasing their civic engagement through education and electoral participation. By conducting in-depth research, voter opinion surveys, post-election analysis, voter education and training, grassroots outreach and civic engagement activities, the Project does more than diagnose the problems associated with public indifference, voter apathy and disengagement: it advances concrete policy and practical solutions to ensure that all Americans are able to exercise the right to cast an informed vote that will advance their unique political interests.


The African American Civic Engagement Project (AACEP) (formerly the African American Voter Education Project) was created with the intention of developing society-wide discussions about issues important and impactful to the African American community in the state of California. The project is wholeheartedly supported by members of the California Legislative Black Caucus and Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas.

 AACEP continues to plan for the future while celebrating the past.  By conducting research and voter opinion surveys, hosting educational, inspirational and outreach activities that honor the African American community’s legacy of civic engagement, publishing policy briefings and post-election analyses, and creatively utilizing traditional and social media in partnership with existing social, civic and organized labor groups, the AACEP will enhance voter participation to achieve our aims. Activities like the aforementioned have long served as rallying and acceleration points for encouraging voters to understand the difference electoral participation makes, not just in terms of voter turnout in volume, but also in increasing the quality, accountability and integrity of candidates for elected office.  

AACEP has statewide reach, focusing its most intensive efforts in African American communities in the state of California that show historically low voter registration in relation to population and historically low voter turnout in relation to voter registration. AACEP has a particular interest in building on the legacy of civic engagement through electoral participation by making sure that voting habits develop early in life, thus, we have constructed a strong outreach program to young people through school campuses, neighborhoods, workplaces and other culturally appropriate ways to venues where social, educational and engagement activities around personal and civic interests converge naturally.  

AACEP is a project of Los Angeles-based Community Partners, a non-profit 501c (3) organization.